Planning advertising to coincide with the dates of a particular convention can provide businesses with the opportunity for high impact at low cost. Conventions last from a few days to up to a week or two. That means thousands of people will be in one location for that length of time. Not only will attendees need to eat, relax, and explore after presentations are over for the day, many will be accompanied by significant others who will need things to do during the day. Businesses with relevance to the convention topic or theme can focus on attendees, while local businesses can work on drawing in the additional visitors.

There are approximately six billion people a year who visit Las Vegas for conventions. A Las Vegas convention advertising company focuses on cost-effective outdoor methods that engage targeted audiences. Convention hosts and organizers, those presenting or providing vendor services, and local businesses can all benefit from one-on-one, mobile, and experimental advertising. Street teams, brand ambassadors, and promo models interact with targeted audiences wherever they are most likely to be found. Outside the convention venue, at area hotels, and at auxiliary activities are some examples of where audiences can be engaged. Businesses can offer coupons, free samples, or brochures that extol the features of products and services.

Another mobile option includes mobile truck billboards, digital advertising, and walking billboards. Costs are low because expenses are shared among several companies. Images run for eight seconds at a time and can be looped for half a day, a day, a week, or longer. Customized mobile billboards are an even more effective Las Vegas convention advertising method because they appear to jump off the truck. Elements can be added to extend past the borders of the vehicle, and skirting can be added to provide a hashtag, a website, or dates of a certain show in town. A larger than life option is one of the massive LED digital screens located around the city. They are placed above the street and range from 500 square feet to 15,500 square feet in size. An advertisement that size will certainly not be missed.